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It’s been a year since Cannabis Legalization

It has been one year since the legalization of cannabis in Canada and we have seen how it has benefitted local economies – but what does this mean for Canadian real estate? Canada’s largest cannabis producers are being credited with micro-booms in some local economies, and the trickle-down effects are ...

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How do you get real time information in real estate?

Theres an app for that!  I bet you have heard that many times before, but you won’t find anything like this powerful tool available only through Toronto Real Estate Board that offers infinite control and possibilities for home buyers and renters. The entire set up process takes less than 5 ...

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April Showers

Finally, it feels like spring is upon us! I hope you enjoyed the warmer temperatures like I did, I finally dusted off my bike and toured around the city this past weekend. Did you know that Toronto is ranked #7 on @TheEconomist‘s most liveable cities list? That’s no small feat! ...

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